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What's it all about?
Sus4 Life is a web comic based around the various hijinks and pitfalls of a local band of the same name. They don't necessarily live anywhere particular, but they're that band everyone knows that everyone hopes will go somewhere, but everyone also knows they won't because of a certain incident involving the drummer and a cinder block. Typical story anyone can relate to.

The back story, as seen in the first couple of issues, for our fictional band here is that they have just lost their singer and bassist in one fell swoop and can't progress without them. Their main concern is finding replacements. Will they? Read and find out.

One of the main aspects (read: oddities) of the band is that each member seems to have different taste in music. As such, the comic will often play towards almost all forms of music and there's bound to be something for everyone.

What does it mean?
The name Sus4 Life stands for "Suspended Four Life". Suspended Four (Sus4) is a type of musical chord but has a layman-sounding name. Add the word "Life" and it all fits together.

Who are Sus4 Life?
Sus4 Life is currently composed of 3  4 members:
Dill - Dill is the band's rhythm guitarist. Dill is that kind of person who means well, but he can't really seem to be able to get around to actually being nice. He tries though. He works with Richard in a music shop and when he's not guitaring it up, he likes video games.
Dustin - Dustin is the band's lead guitarist.Dustin is the sort of person that would be accident prone, if the "accidents" weren't deliberate stunts gone wrong. Unfortunately he's also one of the more mature embers of the band. Dustin's main obsession is his guitar. He doesn't actually have a job, but rather does random things for whomever is willing to pay him.
Richard - Richard is the band's drummer. He can be a bit slow at times, but he's a drummer. What'd ya expect? He works with Dill in the music shop, and when he's not doing that, he likes to eat.... Did we mention he's a drummer?
Raven - Raven is the band's new bassist, as well as the only female member. She's somewhat... different. Her gothic style is entrancing and she can float. What else does a band need when they've got a crazy gothic girl who can float?
The band is currently missing a singer, but they're looking.

Okay, but who are Sus4 Life, REALLY?
Sus4 Life is kept running primarily by three people:
Ashley - Shlee is the comic's artist. She was also half the mind behind the comic's conception.
Will - Will is the other half of the mind that spawned this comic. He wrote the majority of the early comics. .
Alex - Alex is the comic's second writer and wrote most of the later comics. He is also responsible for creating the comic's official site (with Ashley's major help for the graphics).
Apart from these three, there are also many other people who have given their time to trying to develop storylines for the comic. They know who they are.

When are the comics released?
Most of the year, the three previously named people are in CÉGEP, which is a sort of college equivalent/precursor in Québec. Because of this a lot of the time the comic is put on hiatus. It used to be released somewhat sporadically, then once per week. Now it's whenever there's time. Worry not though, we refuse to let it die.

Wait... did you say Qu
Yep! Sus4 Life is a Canadian comic! The staff all live here in the world's greatest country (as was voted by the U.N. for many years), and in the province that brought you the fries, cheese and gravy confection known as poutine!

Why do you hate emo's?
We don't really... much... it's just that the characters do. Here at Sus4 Life, we're tolerant of other people's music choices even if it isn't what we enjoy. The reason emo is pick on in our comic is because, quite frankly, that's who's picked on in real life. It's not our opinion, just our observation?

So there's no music you guys hate?
Whoa... let's not get carried away. There's plenty of music we hate, we just respect others' choice to listen to it. The comic is partially founded on the belief of musical diversity.

Where else can I find Sus4 Life?
You can also visit the comic's official site at http://www.sus4life.ca.tt/. There you can read the comic, read fuller character bio's, catch up on the storyline, and sign the guestbook on your way out. It also has seven fully-working themes to choose from, each portraying a character and their music style. There is a forum attached to the site which you can register at, but when the comic's updates died in the late summer of 2006, so did the forum's activity. It's basically dead. However, the site also offers bonus graphical material like character art, work-in-progress comics and the writers' original drafts. Check it out: http://www.sus4life.ca.tt